On The Range

April 30th, 2008

Well, Howdy amigos. Wry am here in Trinidad and Tobago working rather hard on Epicurus. Having sat alone for 3 1/2 years she was not all that happy to see me but I’ve showered her with kindness (and money) and all is forgiven (we hope). We’re looking to launch sometime in early June and she’ll be better than ever then. Many projects and new equipment too numerous to name.

Work is all we know these days. Up and going by 6:00AM every day, knocking off about 6:00PM with hardly enough energy to eat and get to bed. Most of the backbreaking stuff (decks, tanks, etc.) is done so the main thing now is to stay focused on the many, many details. Where God lives, so they say.

I’ve been incredibly lucky in that one of the workers here in the yard (”Blues”) took a liking to me last visit and has been so helpful in sending the right guys to help me for the various jobs. “Junior” has been my daily worker and I wouldn’t have been able to get half of it done without him. Thank you guys.

David & Jan from BVI have been here the whole time. Walked into the bar the first night here and there was David drinking a beer! Couldn’t believe it. They’ve been a great resource as well: mainly a shoulder to cry on when all looked dark. Also so great to hang with now that things look brighter. Met Guy & Juliet, he a British writer and TV personality of some note. Of course, there’s the usual suspects to be found in any harbor. I love it. Part of me is very looking forward to being back in the water but another part is quite happy here on land with all the conveniences thereof.

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