Wry Actually Goes Somewhere

July 31st, 2008

It hardly seems possible but after months and months of boat work Wry has actually made a voyage. While only about 50 miles (though that’s farther than we normally go) to the fabulous island of Tobago, it feels like a major accomplishment to poor old Wry. There are some lingering boat problems that will have to be dealt with but for now denial is just fine.

Tobago is part of Trinidad and Tobago (duh) but much different from the larger island. Huge beaches, crystal clear waters, magnificent reefs (still  unharmed, apparently, by pollution and climate change) and a laid back lifestyle. Just Wry’s cup of tea. One can only do the boating thing here during the summer months as it is open to the North swells that come the rest of the year and make the anchorages untenable.

We’re going to get little Julita (the world’s most fabulous sailing dingy) off the back deck and start having FUN for a change.

Epicurus Launches

July 21st, 2008

Well Wry watchers, we’re very pleased to be able to tell you Epicurus has launched. Been in the water a week or so and until now it’s been as much work as being on the hard. Finally, we’re backed into a little cove here in Chaguaramas (one of the worst anchorages I can ever remember) and after a few tries seem to be pretty secure. Wry has forgot most everything about running a boat on the water – including anchoring skills, it seems. Not that they were ever that great. Anyway, here we are while we sort out a few more boat things, do some sea trials and get ready (we hope) for a trip to Tobago. Still hoping for Tobago in July which has been our motto since March.

There are a few boat problems, mainly, the brand new generator which everyone says never has problems, has problems. Still, it’s running and charging. They say they won’t even look at it till it has 100 hours on it so we’ll see what then. Had a weeping thru hull upon launch but it stopped right away so I think we’ll leave it till next haul out. Otherwise, things are looking pretty good. The new top, batteries, stove, anchor and many others seem to be just dandy. She feels pretty good. Hopefully the sea trials will confirm.

Wry probably returns to the states in September in time for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (first weekend in October) in San Francisco. A few folks are coming out from the east coast and there may be room for more if you’re interested. Give Wry a shout. By the way, you can reach Wry for the time being at 1-868-732-9246. Call or write, why not?

By the way there’s a new upload of Hey There on the “Listen” page of this site which I finally got loaded. It was recorded in February. Wry kinda likes it. But then he always does.

Almost Ready for Launch

July 4th, 2008

Well, it has been the hardest working 3 1/2 months I can ever remember. 12 hours a day 6 (or usually 7) days a week but we’re hoping for the big payoff on Monday, July 7 as Epicurus hits the water for the first time in almost four years. She’s really looking good as we just put the final coat of paint on the decks today. What with the new fuel tanks, generator, batteries, rudders, bimini and millions of smaller items, we’ll be in good shape to do what Wry loves best – nothing! A few unfinished projects and rigorous sea trials remain but we still hope to see Tobago in July. I hope to put some pics up on the site this weekend so check there for a visual of all this work.

Wry hopes to begin work on the next CD soon as well with one tune pretty much in the can. Hope to upload it this weekend as well.

Write Wry@wryworry.com.