Tobago Update

August 13th, 2008

Update from Tobago

Charlotteville, Tobago is IT. Wry has been to most of the anchorages in the eastern Caribbean but we’ve not seen anything better than this. At the north end of the island, there’s not much here except rain forest, parrots, beautiful beaches (with almost no one on them), great snorkeling and reefs, clear water and a tiny village. ’bout as good as it gets. Internet ashore but we’ll only be checking every week or so, especially as it’s often not functional. My buddies, Jan and David who were such stalwart friends in Trini have just arrived. Breakfast at Lyda’s rum shop this morning with salt fish, eggs (provided by Robert staying next door in the cottage) and fresh wheat bread and coco tea! Fantastic.

Epicurus still has a problem or two so at the end of the month we’ll head back down to Chaguaramas and pull her out for a couple months while we return to the States. The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, probably the last full bore, free music festival anywhere is the first weekend of October in San Francisco. Check with me if you’d like to come out, there’s probably still room at the house.