Finally, an update

November 19th, 2010

Good grief. So long away from this site. We’re back in Grenada and the end of hurricane season is upon us so we’ll soon begin the crawl up to Bequia for another winter playing at L’Auberge de Grenadines with Stan & Cora. May even try a bit of solo work this year. It’d be really great to get some musical visitors, hint, hint.

Epicurus is particularly happy these days. She’s finishing up a couple months of work, half mechanical and half to make her look good. My friend Uli painted a new mural on the back wall and it’s fabulous. I’ll try and get a photo uploaded. Really. New cushion covers, curtains and lots of cleaning and throwing out of accumulated debris. About time. Anyway, she just keeps getting better.

Fantastic sunset tonight. You should be jealous.