Bequia 2011

March 20th, 2011

As usual, Wry is very tardy in dong updates. We’ve been in Bequia since January playing with Stan & Cora at L’Auberge. Also sitting in with Ice Cream Bob and the Bequia Blues Band which is rather fun. Otherwize, the daze go by. Coffee at the little cafe at the ferry dock watching the ships roll in. Then i watch ‘em roll away again. Be here till May, then, who knows?

Check out the new mural in the gallery. My friend Uli painted it for me last December in Prickly Bay.

Finally, an update

November 19th, 2010

Good grief. So long away from this site. We’re back in Grenada and the end of hurricane season is upon us so we’ll soon begin the crawl up to Bequia for another winter playing at L’Auberge de Grenadines with Stan & Cora. May even try a bit of solo work this year. It’d be really great to get some musical visitors, hint, hint.

Epicurus is particularly happy these days. She’s finishing up a couple months of work, half mechanical and half to make her look good. My friend Uli painted a new mural on the back wall and it’s fabulous. I’ll try and get a photo uploaded. Really. New cushion covers, curtains and lots of cleaning and throwing out of accumulated debris. About time. Anyway, she just keeps getting better.

Fantastic sunset tonight. You should be jealous.

Wry is sad to leave Tobago

September 2nd, 2008

Wry is sad to leave Tobago. Charlottville is as good a place as Epicurus has ever laid down an anchor. They say a new cruise ship dock is going to soon be built there so it’s good we had a chance to see it before. Nothing ruins a place faster than cruise ships. Ok, maybe charter boats. At any rate, Wry hopes to return here in time for Christmas.

Yesterday morning we took our last ride on Julita (see photos as soon as I can get them uploaded) across the bay. We sailed under a rainbow and dolphins came by to greet. I can’t believe it gets much better. As I write, we’re passing down the north coast of Tobago en route to Chaguaramas, Trinidad where this will be uploaded. Chag sucks, of course, except for the fact that all manner of boat services are available there. Best this side of Florida, I believe. Plus you don’t have to go to Florida! We’re not looking forward to the rolling bay, ferries, tide, oil & pollution but it’s only for a few days. Epi will haul out and we’re off to the states for three months. If you’re one of the few people to visit this site, do write. Our old phone numbers should be good by the middle of September as well.

Tobago Update

August 13th, 2008

Update from Tobago

Charlotteville, Tobago is IT. Wry has been to most of the anchorages in the eastern Caribbean but we’ve not seen anything better than this. At the north end of the island, there’s not much here except rain forest, parrots, beautiful beaches (with almost no one on them), great snorkeling and reefs, clear water and a tiny village. ’bout as good as it gets. Internet ashore but we’ll only be checking every week or so, especially as it’s often not functional. My buddies, Jan and David who were such stalwart friends in Trini have just arrived. Breakfast at Lyda’s rum shop this morning with salt fish, eggs (provided by Robert staying next door in the cottage) and fresh wheat bread and coco tea! Fantastic.

Epicurus still has a problem or two so at the end of the month we’ll head back down to Chaguaramas and pull her out for a couple months while we return to the States. The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, probably the last full bore, free music festival anywhere is the first weekend of October in San Francisco. Check with me if you’d like to come out, there’s probably still room at the house.

Wry Actually Goes Somewhere

July 31st, 2008

It hardly seems possible but after months and months of boat work Wry has actually made a voyage. While only about 50 miles (though that’s farther than we normally go) to the fabulous island of Tobago, it feels like a major accomplishment to poor old Wry. There are some lingering boat problems that will have to be dealt with but for now denial is just fine.

Tobago is part of Trinidad and Tobago (duh) but much different from the larger island. Huge beaches, crystal clear waters, magnificent reefs (still  unharmed, apparently, by pollution and climate change) and a laid back lifestyle. Just Wry’s cup of tea. One can only do the boating thing here during the summer months as it is open to the North swells that come the rest of the year and make the anchorages untenable.

We’re going to get little Julita (the world’s most fabulous sailing dingy) off the back deck and start having FUN for a change.

Epicurus Launches

July 21st, 2008

Well Wry watchers, we’re very pleased to be able to tell you Epicurus has launched. Been in the water a week or so and until now it’s been as much work as being on the hard. Finally, we’re backed into a little cove here in Chaguaramas (one of the worst anchorages I can ever remember) and after a few tries seem to be pretty secure. Wry has forgot most everything about running a boat on the water – including anchoring skills, it seems. Not that they were ever that great. Anyway, here we are while we sort out a few more boat things, do some sea trials and get ready (we hope) for a trip to Tobago. Still hoping for Tobago in July which has been our motto since March.

There are a few boat problems, mainly, the brand new generator which everyone says never has problems, has problems. Still, it’s running and charging. They say they won’t even look at it till it has 100 hours on it so we’ll see what then. Had a weeping thru hull upon launch but it stopped right away so I think we’ll leave it till next haul out. Otherwise, things are looking pretty good. The new top, batteries, stove, anchor and many others seem to be just dandy. She feels pretty good. Hopefully the sea trials will confirm.

Wry probably returns to the states in September in time for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (first weekend in October) in San Francisco. A few folks are coming out from the east coast and there may be room for more if you’re interested. Give Wry a shout. By the way, you can reach Wry for the time being at 1-868-732-9246. Call or write, why not?

By the way there’s a new upload of Hey There on the “Listen” page of this site which I finally got loaded. It was recorded in February. Wry kinda likes it. But then he always does.

Almost Ready for Launch

July 4th, 2008

Well, it has been the hardest working 3 1/2 months I can ever remember. 12 hours a day 6 (or usually 7) days a week but we’re hoping for the big payoff on Monday, July 7 as Epicurus hits the water for the first time in almost four years. She’s really looking good as we just put the final coat of paint on the decks today. What with the new fuel tanks, generator, batteries, rudders, bimini and millions of smaller items, we’ll be in good shape to do what Wry loves best – nothing! A few unfinished projects and rigorous sea trials remain but we still hope to see Tobago in July. I hope to put some pics up on the site this weekend so check there for a visual of all this work.

Wry hopes to begin work on the next CD soon as well with one tune pretty much in the can. Hope to upload it this weekend as well.


On The Range

April 30th, 2008

Well, Howdy amigos. Wry am here in Trinidad and Tobago working rather hard on Epicurus. Having sat alone for 3 1/2 years she was not all that happy to see me but I’ve showered her with kindness (and money) and all is forgiven (we hope). We’re looking to launch sometime in early June and she’ll be better than ever then. Many projects and new equipment too numerous to name.

Work is all we know these days. Up and going by 6:00AM every day, knocking off about 6:00PM with hardly enough energy to eat and get to bed. Most of the backbreaking stuff (decks, tanks, etc.) is done so the main thing now is to stay focused on the many, many details. Where God lives, so they say.

I’ve been incredibly lucky in that one of the workers here in the yard (”Blues”) took a liking to me last visit and has been so helpful in sending the right guys to help me for the various jobs. “Junior” has been my daily worker and I wouldn’t have been able to get half of it done without him. Thank you guys.

David & Jan from BVI have been here the whole time. Walked into the bar the first night here and there was David drinking a beer! Couldn’t believe it. They’ve been a great resource as well: mainly a shoulder to cry on when all looked dark. Also so great to hang with now that things look brighter. Met Guy & Juliet, he a British writer and TV personality of some note. Of course, there’s the usual suspects to be found in any harbor. I love it. Part of me is very looking forward to being back in the water but another part is quite happy here on land with all the conveniences thereof.

Please write